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Stuff I Like: Pittsburgh’s Homeboy Rick Sebak

In Uncategorized on January 8, 2013 at 11:42 pm

Rick Sebak is as Pittsburgh as Iron City Beer, a sausage sub in the Strip, a Heinz pickle pin, or someone yelling jagoff in a traffic jam. Whether he’s reporting on Lost Kennywood, the chlorinated joy of Ligonier Beach, or where to get the best schnitzel, Rick Sebak’s passion for this city bubbles over like a nice Regent Pop. Which is why he gets his own t-shirt:


You can get your own Rick Sebak Homeboy shirt at Pittsburgh’s own Commonwealth Press, which is a whole other thing to love. They have other t-shirts featuring Myron Cope as The Burghfather, not to mention ‘Burgh-baby onesies that say things like “I Poop Black and Gold” and “Pittsbooger.”

I got to meet Rick Sebak recently when he was interviewing my husband, whose love for Pittsburgh is also big n’at (see his novel Raymond Carver Will Not Raise Our Children, where the city is its own kind of beautiful gritty character).

Whenever I meet someone whose work I love, I always turn village idiot. I end up muttering “I like your work.” Then I run away. Then I come back and try again. “I like your work,” I splurt, then I run away.

I did this with Rick Sebak, too, only before I said “I like your work,” I said, “You sound just like him!” How creepy is that? But when you grow up with a voice that’s been the sound of home for 25 years on WQED, there you go. Rick Sebak, you’re the goods.

Here he is at Kennywood, the greatest amusement park ever, reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” For real. A post-Christmas gift to all of us who felt the holiday rush by.

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